Nicole Carey, LPC

Nicole Carey, LPC

Hello, I am the owner and therapist for Empowering Solutions Counseling, LLC. Over the past 19 years, I have worked in the field of Human Services assisting clients with achieving their self-sufficiency goals. In my private practice I provide a safe, confidential and supportive environment for clients to express their emotions, thoughts, feelings and goals. As a licensed therapist my goal and desire is to empower clients to work through their mental health challenges, and to equip them with the skills to live a better life.

Do you deal with anxiety, depression, self- acceptance, or relationship issues? Have you experienced childhood neglect or abandonment that has impaired your self-esteem or confidence? Has the experiences negatively impacted your professional and personal relationships? Are you overwhelmed at times with everyday life or feel stuck and unsure? Do you feel that you are the support and strength for everyone? Does stress and anxiety keep you up at night? Are you a breast cancer survivor that is ready to heal mentally after your physical healing? If you answered yes to any of those questions allow me to help you, through empowering solutions.

Experiences in life such as trauma and challenges affects our mental health, therapy is beneficial to healing and addressing the emotions and thoughts that stem from those experiences. Life experiences can be overwhelming and if not dealt with can cause mental health issues. Therapy is used to work through emotions, thoughts and develop coping skills to heal and manage your mental well being. As a therapist, that is competent and compassionate, my desire and passion is to assist clients with obtaining empowering solutions to live their best personal and professional life. My therapeutic approach is based on the client's needs, because each individual is different.

At times in life, your experiences may become overwhelming or make you feel stuck, therapy can help you through your challenges so you can heal, learn skills and techniques on how to manage your life challenging circumstances, release emotions, and thoughts that are hindering your growth. Empowering Solutions Counseling was established to help you with achieving your goals and to live a fulfilling life.


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